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Post Christmas Bulge

December 2012: I barely went running this month. Once or twice a week, usually at weekends and no more than three miles. There was a lot of junk food at work as everybody brought some in. Despite on Monday that ubergeek told me that I looked slimmer than my profile pics, I have a bit of a belly at the moment and undoubtedly I gained weight over Christmas, as do 99.9999999999999% of us.

In this post where i first set myself weight loss targets, I said that I would be happy if I was under 14st 7lb come Christmas. My last pre-Christmas weigh in was 13st 7lb.

If I had to guess what my weight would have been before I got on, I would have estimated to be over 14st, perhaps around the 14st 2lb mark.

I took a deep breath and stepped onto the scales…

Current weight 13st 12lb

Under 14st 😀

I gained only 5lb between the beginning of December and this morning. Getting back on the horse I could easily shift that in a couple of weeks and remain on target for my clothes spending spree before the end of January.

Oh, and I went running this morning… 2.5 miles give or take.



I go by the name of Frank Speaking. My blog "In the Mind of Men" (former name Chin Up, Chest High) started out as a chronicle of my mental health recovery. Now it is a forum where I discuss issues related to male mental health.

2 thoughts on “Post Christmas Bulge

  1. I gained weight over Christmas too, well, even starting for me in November. I started a new ob and no longer have a flexible daytime schedule, so my running was almost completely cut out, save 2-3 runs at the Y on the treadmill. I don’t own a scale, but when I started realizing that my panties were fitting tighter, that was the clincher for me. As of now, I have successfully lost whatever I ended up gaining, and everything fits nicely again. I have started running more, making time on the weekends and nights on the indoor track instead of the treadmill, and eating lots of fruit during the day, less bread with lunches, and only 1 dessert at night. I need dessert, it is My Precious! LOL

    What country are you in? I am slightly confuddled by your weight increment listings. Congrats on being almost here to you clothes shopping spree weight! =)

    1. Congratulations on having the drive to keep at it! We have had a lot of snow this week so running plans shelved. I am walking though.

      Im from England! 1st = 14lb so multiply the stone by 14 and then add the spare lb to get my weight in lbs.

      I too like desserts but I was eating too much, too often and wasnt necessarily enjoying it. Now I have something I really like 1-2 times per week and appreciate it more, feeling I’ve earn’t it.

      Thanks for reading!

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