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A little more conversation, please?

Some people just have no conversation. Last weekend, a family member informed me that she had found me a potential date amongst her colleagues. I rolled my eyes at first. Several times in the past well-meaning family members have attempted to set me up on a date with friends of theirs with absolutely no regard for whether they are my type of vice versa.

One of the past efforts was an attempt by my youngest brother to set me up with a friend of his who was so far removed from my type it wasn’t even funny. As you know, I prefer intelligent, thoughtful women with a passion in life. It doesn’t matter what that passion is but having something in your life that gives you a sense of fulfillment I find incredibly attractive – and it doesn’t matter what that is.

For Little Red it was her job that is a vocation and a role I hold with high regard
For Water baby it was her swimming
For Songstress it was her love of singing
For Miss Outdoors it was her strong interest in the public perception of science
For l’Canadien it was giving up a lucrative job to pursue marketing her own invention
For Ubergeek it is the very important job that she does (and loves). That, and her geekiness of course!

You get the picture…

Anyway, this friend of my brother’s seemed to do nothing with her life except drink cocktails and watch the television. So I passed on that one.

So last weekend, I was recommended a blind date. This girl, after seeing my facebook profile, expressed an interest in talking to me and seeing if there was anything there for a potential date. I was sent her POF profile and immediately contacted her.

After a handful of messages it ground to a halt. This girl has ZERO conversation skills. Every question I asked her was met with a series of abrupt answers. In return she asked me no questions, did not comment on my profile and every attempt at humour was ignored. After trading just THREE messages, we had run out of things to talk about as every avenue of conversation had been closed off – yes, seriously, THREE!

I spoke to this family member about what this girl’s vibes were and she simply said “all she said was that you had been chatting this week”.

With every conversation avenue already slammed shut I’m giving up already; this is despite that we have shed loads in common. Obviously it is a dead end and I don’t want to waste anybody’s time, least of all my own. I find it odd that somebody can express such an eager interest and then give up so quickly. If it was a stranger, I’d have given it no more thought but this was a colleague of a family member and it feels odd to brush it aside already when this person was so convinced we’d get on.

Ah well, there’s some odd people around so just keep on fishing…



I go by the name of Frank Speaking. My blog "In the Mind of Men" (former name Chin Up, Chest High) started out as a chronicle of my mental health recovery. Now it is a forum where I discuss issues related to male mental health.

2 thoughts on “A little more conversation, please?

    1. haha yes! Thing is, we had a lot in common and should therefore have had a lot to talk about. I guess she changed her mind or otherwise doesn’t do smalltalk.

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