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I guess I have had my first “weirdo”

So far, so good. I’d had no weirdos or harpies in my online dating experiences. No freaks or stalkers. Not bad considering I have been doing this for almost a year now.

That was until tonight.

And now I am fucking livid that somebody could be so shallow and completely lack in empathy – and this girl was a nurse!

I got her sarcasm straight away and I was sarcastic back – something that was not reciprocated as “banter”. Very quickly, she started probing about my money situation. I was cagey because it is nobody’s business (and early on you don’t ask those sorts of questions). I made it clear that I am setting up in business and having to be careful with money. I also made it clear that I am back living with my family until I can get on my feet, have enough work coming in that I can move out and get a flat.

And that quickly became a problem for her. She started making very sarcastic comments, implying that I was a “mummy’s boy” for returning home (nothing could be further from the truth) after my divorce and after struggling to get graduate work… two major obstacles to my money situation when I still have debt left over from putting myself through a Master’s program.

I guess she just saw “Master’s Degree” and the £££££ signs lit up in her eyes, only to be shocked to realise that it isn’t all plain sailing for those of us who have graduated in the last few years and we’re not rolling in cash. I was also honest in that my mother’s business has just failed and that it was beneficial for her for me to move back in while I am setting up in business. She then proceeded to make snarky comments about her business failure as well as my situation.

No wonder at 40 year’s old her longest relationship was 6 months and she’d never been married.

I blocked her straight after. Seriously, why are some people so obsessed with money? Isn’t ambition, dedicated and the determination to make a success of your life more important than how much money you have? Isn’t a man’s character more important than the contents of his wallet?



I go by the name of Frank Speaking. My blog "In the Mind of Men" (former name Chin Up, Chest High) started out as a chronicle of my mental health recovery. Now it is a forum where I discuss issues related to male mental health.

8 thoughts on “I guess I have had my first “weirdo”

  1. Straight up bitch there. At least you found out upfront instead of wasting your time.

    1. Absolutely! She clearly had a very high opinion of herself.

      Most women grow out of the “I only want a man with money” by the time they hit 25. Clearly she has yet to grow up.

      1. HAHA She’ll get to be 60-70, surrounded by cats, and think, “DAMN I should have had more reasonable standards.”

  2. Honestly I’m not hating on her about the money thing, I don’t think she should have made those judgmental sarcastic remarks. You are changing your life for the better and that shouldn’t be hated on. She wants money,fine. But she didn’t have to be ugly about it.

    1. If I’d have stooped to her level I would have pointed out that men with money are always going to choose somebody younger, prettier and slimmer than her. Obviously, she had a very high opinion of herself.

      The one thing I don’t get is how she can see the collapse of my mother’s business and my struggles to get jobs I’m qualified to do as personal failings. There are thousands and thousands of people in developed countries going through that right now.

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