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Ouch My Legs!

I realise I haven’t spoken about running for a while. It has been taken over by my dating exploits but I have kept it up. As regular as clockwork (mostly) I have been going three times a week (equally mostly) and working up the miles. Last weekend, I took part in my very first 10K. A very proud achievement considering I tend to run on average 3.5->4 miles in average outdoor session.

My legs were like jelly afterwards but I was glad to have done it. My time (a shade over 1:10) clearly did not set the world on fire and I won’t be called in to train for the Olympics for Team GB any time soon but still… I finished my first 10K race and I have at least two planned for next year including one tough mudder (which I expect to really take it out of me) fairly early on.

It felt great and my legs recovered fairly quickly, very little stiffness in the end so I was, at least, physically able to finish it and I got a nice little medal as a reward – plus the bonus of not finishing last or being one of the drop outs. A nice, lengthy charity run too so I felt all too virtuous.

I know there are some runners in my stalker subscriber list. What was your first 10K like? What are your memories and how did you feel afterwards?



I go by the name of Frank Speaking. My blog "In the Mind of Men" (former name Chin Up, Chest High) started out as a chronicle of my mental health recovery. Now it is a forum where I discuss issues related to male mental health.

6 thoughts on “Ouch My Legs!

    1. That would be motivation enough if they drove for 6.5 miles while you chased!

  1. 1:10:00 is a great first time! At that distance!! I just PR’d in my last 15kat 1:30:18, which was 2+ minutes faster in the same race the year before. That race in November 2012 was my first 15k and I felt like I had conquered the world when I finished, so I complexly understand your emotions! I was very similar to you in that my runs usually were around 4-4.5 miles. When my friend asked me to run the 10k with her I had slacked in my routine and had only done 1 run of 6 miles two days prior. After I finished that 10k at 59:56 I signed up for my first 15k the following weekend. What was 4 more miles! Lol. My goal for spring is my first half marathon. I had this as this fall’s goal, but missed the registration deadline of the one I wanted in on. Congrats on your first 10k!!!!

    1. My tough mud race the early part of next year is 15K. Now that will be a challenge!

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