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Feminists and “Nice Guys”: A Counter Argument to the One-Sided Vilification

I’ve just discovered this woman having looked for videos to post later down the line about male mental health, gender roles and feminism. I think I’m going to be looking at a lot more of her stuff and posting a lot more from her in future. But for now, here is the flip-side to the feminist vilification of “nice guys” and how, actually, feminists who complain about them care little for men’s feelings and maybe even enjoy being able to manipulate people.



I go by the name of Frank Speaking. My blog "In the Mind of Men" (former name Chin Up, Chest High) started out as a chronicle of my mental health recovery. Now it is a forum where I discuss issues related to male mental health.

4 thoughts on “Feminists and “Nice Guys”: A Counter Argument to the One-Sided Vilification

  1. Wow! Interesting. I didn’t know feminists went after the nice guys like that. I’ve seen a few memes on it but didn’t know it was like this! But I don’t think that behavior is limited to feminists, I think it applies to women in general. It’s the whole bad boy vs the good guy debate, we say one thing, then do another and try to justify it in our heads. Even her example, Jane, wasn’t a feminist, she was just a girl who was power trippin’ (been there, done that, & pretty much over it). And I would think, or would like to, that not all feminists criticize and manipulate the nice guys! But I don’t know, I’m not current on all that’s written and put out there by them.

    1. I did sort of look into it a couple of years ago and I was astounded at the vitriol from feminists deciding that this was an issue of entitlement. I can sort of see their point on some of these issues but this sort of thing is par for the course

      It is a common idea that women go after bad boys. I personally have seen female friends of mine go with and then get back with men who treated them badly. Few would admit to liking bad boys and I have only ever encountered one who was openly honest about preferring them. So for feminists to say that women don’t go after bad boys is pretty dishonest – starting from a dishonest position means there is no rational debate about it. Some do [go after the bad boy], whether that is a conscious thing though is another matter.

      1. I clicked on the link, and yeah, that’s what I’ve seen. But I didn’t know there were articles, (plural!), too.
        As far as the memes go, I think they are making fun of alleged “nice guys”. Guys who think they’re nice, but then act like a jerk when they don’t get their way, or guys who are socially or romantically clueless and just blame it on them being too nice when that’s not the reality. Anyway, that’s my take. I know I’ve harped on ‘nice guys’ but it’s the insincerity or the cluelessness that gets to me. Genuinely nice guys, well people, are always awesome.
        Maybe they should call them faux nice guys instead of just the nice guys?

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