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Trail Running!

This week I did my first evening trail run. I don’t count the Spartan Race I did at the beginning of the year because there isn’t much running to do thanks to the severe terrain – I walked, staggered and climbed for most of that trail.

This was a 10K evening trail and I expected it to be quite different from the other 10Ks I have done in the last year or so – and it was. My other races have been on flat terrain, tarmac and urban roads so I have had little experience with gravel tracks (aside from the country lanes I ran on when I lived nearer to my ex-wife) until this week.

Thanks to the weather we’ve had recently, a bit of rain last week and warm weather this week, it has been very humid. I had to take a break at the end of mile 1 which rarely happens when I am training and hasn’t happened on any of my urban 10Ks. The humidity really took it out of me and it did with everyone – there were lots of complaints at the end about how others struggled because of the heat. Gnats were out too and was bitten several times.

For the first time on a 10K I really felt out of steam at the end of the race, especially with the Start/Finish line on a slope. There was one big hill which I am proud to say I made it up in one go (I had been training for this and the country trail hill I run up every weekend is both longer and steeper than the one in the race) so I was very pleased with that.

I expected my race time to be close to 1hr 20 but was surprised to see I actually recorded a 1hr 12 time – despite the harder terrain still faster than my first ever 10K in November! It was however, two minutes slower than my 10K last month which is fine, that route was urban and almost completely flat and this was gravelly with hills

All in all a good run. I would do the race again but next year, let’s have a little less humidity please!



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