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The Science of Depression

Great little video from ASAP Science about how depression works, how it is caused, and some details of how modern anti-depressants work.

And a great meme that’s doing the rounds on Facebook right now. Shows how absurd and unhelpful comments directed at depressed people actually are.┬áHave you ever said any of these things to somebody with depression? Imagine how silly they’d sound to physical ailments.



I go by the name of Frank Speaking. My blog "In the Mind of Men" (former name Chin Up, Chest High) started out as a chronicle of my mental health recovery. Now it is a forum where I discuss issues related to male mental health.

3 thoughts on “The Science of Depression

  1. Mental illnesses are scary, perhaps even more so than physical. I can’t control things around me (my environment, other people, even my weight) but at least I can control my brain. While it’s easy to imagine physical illness (we’ve all suffered it at one point or another) It’s hard to imagine mental disease.

    Reading through your blog, do you feel your thoughts/insecurities are irrational the way an outsider would see it? If so, do you tell yourself that?

    1. Yes they are irrational, yes I do tell myself that and to be honest it doesn’t make one iota of difference most of the time.

      Even for a rationalist such as myself, challenging negative thought patterns can be very difficult. Rationalising it and realising that it is just a belief is the first step, but it is a big hurdle. Any CBT treatment will often use that as a first step but for most, you have to be in the right frame of mind to start to accept it in the first place.

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