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Things You Need for Fulfilling LDR Sex Life

Mirror Image and I are not particularly highly sexed, as we discovered a few weeks ago and mistakenly assumed the other had an insatiable libido. The fact that we live over 200 miles apart means that we have to make the most of our physical sex life when we are together. It also means in order to keep a healthy sex life and to cope with going long periods without seeing each other, we have to try something else.

When you are going a long time without any physical intimacy – kissing, holding hands, snuggling, falling asleep in each others’ arms and of course, getting jiggy, you have to be more creative and undoubtedly, sexual frustration will set in if it goes stale. That’s when the power of the internet comes in to play.


It cannot be stated enough how important video chatting is to your long distance relationships. Daily text and emails can never live up to the next best thing to being together. You get to see their face and hear their voice and you are reminded of all the things you miss about them when you are apart. The thing is, Skype is also the next best thing to having real sex with your partner. You can do all the things that you would do when you are together except actually physically have sex, you will of course be self-servicing but that has never been so much fun when somebody is encouraging and reacting as if they were actually there with you. The distant nature means that you have to be playful and flirty and imaginative and it can easily spice up your sex life. Strip teasing for each other is the perfect way to get each other in the mood. it can be a great tool for encouraging each other to be forward “what would you like me to do now?” “What part of my body most drives you wild?” “Show me those muscular runners thighs” and “I love those knickers, please give me a quick flash of your bum?”

Erotic Photos

Video chatting is great, but it can be difficult to keep a good angle on the computer and follow the requests of your partner, besides you may not always be in the mood for cam sex. Sometimes, a moment in time image can be just as effective with the right image and they’re usually quick and easy to set up. Send naked selfies every once in a while but keep mixing it up. She does like your penis, but it isn’t all of you that she wants to see. If she likes your legs then occasionally send her the sort of leg shots that drive her wild, photos of you just out of the shower, a towel covering your manhood or in your gym gear after a workout… whatever she likes. If you don’t know what she likes then ask. Same with you ladies. Your man loves looking at your naked body but he also likes to be teased. Send images of your backside with the underpants pulled slightly down, topless photos but cover your boobs with your hands and put a coy smile on etc – tease him with what is to come. It may surprise you, but he may be driven wilder by a picture of you wearing sexy underwear and striking a pose that emphasises the best bits of your body than another simple naked mirror selfie.

Create Something

This isn’t always going to appeal to everyone, and not everybody is artistic, but you might surprise yourself. Most people have an artistic side of some description. If you like to dabble with writing then write a short sex scene with the two of you as the starring couple. What is your or their fantasy? Sex on a deserted beach? In a forest? Incorporate it – only your imagination is the limit and the best thing about this sort of sex in public is that it you have no chance of getting caught followed up by a criminal record. If you are artistic, draw them an idealised sketch of you or the pair of you in an erotic embrace. Again, use a fantasy as a backdrop if you wish. You don’t even to be that creative. If you are handy with photo editing software then play with the tone, colouring and add a backdrop.



I go by the name of Frank Speaking. My blog "In the Mind of Men" (former name Chin Up, Chest High) started out as a chronicle of my mental health recovery. Now it is a forum where I discuss issues related to male mental health.

3 thoughts on “Things You Need for Fulfilling LDR Sex Life

  1. Be verrrrry careful sending naughty pics to each other in this day and age… 😉 Maybe don’t show your face, haha!!

      1. I know, it’s worrying about stolen photographs but I don’t think anyone will want to look at mine 😛

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