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Jeremy Kyle Slams Sexist Audience on Domestic Abuse

I have covered attitudes towards male victims of female domestic abuse several times before and have highlighted how they are not taken seriously by society or by the authorities. There is always the attitude that men should be able to defend themselves.They are silent sufferers and far from receiving the sympathy and help they need – they are often laughed at. This week on the Jeremy Kyle Show, the host berated an audience for doing just to a man who had suffered prolonged abuse at the hands of a female partner.

It’s shocking in this day and age when people are more aware that men can and do suffer domestic abuse at the hands of female partners, that we still have this attitude that men are able to defend themselves so what’s the problem?

Hats off to Kyle, but I doubt it will make much of a difference.



I go by the name of Frank Speaking. My blog "In the Mind of Men" (former name Chin Up, Chest High) started out as a chronicle of my mental health recovery. Now it is a forum where I discuss issues related to male mental health.

6 thoughts on “Jeremy Kyle Slams Sexist Audience on Domestic Abuse

  1. Patriarchy. Women and men buy into the Patriarchy BS every single day.

    I have seen men in relationships with women who “wear the pants” and it’s heartbreaking to watch. We, the bystander, always think the abused has an ‘out’ but in reality, they don’t always do they? I myself am guilty of buying into this belief that men are not ‘victims’.

    Great post!

    1. This is why you’re awesome GfAL. Perhaps it is divorce that has made us both so wise!

      I don’t buy into patriarchy, not because I’m male and “blind to my privilege” but because so many feminists deny that there is such a thing as female gender privilege and in so doing, it fosters that attitude that men can never be victims in anything.

      I know of at least two men who suffered DV at the hands of female partners. One of them had a stay in hospital after she hit him with a frying pan.

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