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And There She Was, That Face From The Past

I got a new phone about a month ago, a much-needed and deserved upgrade and dare I say the clunky and outdated thing I had before must have been on its way out. Now I have a spangly new mobile phone on which to pester you with my blog.

It’s funny how from the least expected of places you encounter something or someone you never expected to see and that’s precisely what happened to me when I installed WhatsApp. There, staring up at me from my contacts list when I first opened this chat app that I had completely avoided until now, was the smiling face of Ubergeek. That was certainly not a person I expected to see, though why that was the case I don’t know. I still have her in my phone and though we have had no contact, I presume she too still has my number.

No pang, no pining, but a skip of the heartbeat nonetheless to see a face I have not seen in nearly three years and not looking much different from the last time I saw her way back in January 2013. She made a huge impression on me at the time and sadly got back with her ex after we had a lot of flirting, a couple of dates and the clearest indication yet that I had met somebody who was really into me. I was certainly into her and I really regret not at least kissing her.

For recent readers, Ubergeek is my “One Who Got Away” and somebody for whom I carried a flame for a long time considering our short period of dating. The only woman who gave me that butterflies feeling.

Naturally, I am not going to message her or do anything to jeopardise my relationship with Mirror Image; I love my girlfriend. If Ubergeek has my number and sees me on WhatsApp then of course I will respond in kind, welcoming her contact like an old friend, but nothing more.

It may not be an issue. She may have deleted my number, she may be married with a kid by now for all I know, marrying the guy to whom she gave that second chance. She never added me to Facebook, understandable, and of course I regretted a complete cessation of contact after about two years ago, just before Mirror Image and I met.

Do I hope I see her again? Absolutely, but I know that’s off the cards while I am not single, and I am not even going to try.



I go by the name of Frank Speaking. My blog "In the Mind of Men" (former name Chin Up, Chest High) started out as a chronicle of my mental health recovery. Now it is a forum where I discuss issues related to male mental health.

4 thoughts on “And There She Was, That Face From The Past

  1. It’s always a weird feeling when you run into the last person you expect to see. I’m wondering Ubergeek ended up getting back together with her ex after all or not. If I may ask, in that moment, did you think of “Mirror Image” and your relationship with her? What did you feel if/when you did? I only ask because I could see a situation like this make you look back and wonder “What if…”.

    1. Curiosity got the better of me last night and after some digging around, I found her on Facebook (that was a weird experience in itself). There is a man with her in her profile picture and based on what she told me about her ex, I am satisfied that she told me the truth and did indeed get back with an ex. All of the information about him she gave me matches up with this guy – including where and when they met.

      All I thought was that it was a shame that she wasn’t over him at the time. What might have been? A little, perhaps, but based on missed chances that we never got a chance to figure out whether we had any distance.

      I know I’d never leave Mirror Image for anyone. I’d never jeopardise what we have, so that’s not an issue.

      I did give Ubergeek my Facebook profile after our second date so it’s possible she has kept an eye on my profile too and decided to keep away because my profile clearly states now that I’m not single.

        1. haha, whoops. I thought I’d never be “that guy”. She’s not married, no children and moved to another part of the country. No pining here, but curiosity satisfied nonetheless.

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