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When Feminism Betrays Leftist Principles, it Should Be Called Out

I have felt for some time that feminism is, in many ways, the very antithesis of the leftist school of thought out of which it was supposed to have been born. By its very nature, the left is supposed to be progressive – open to new ways of thinking and doing things, and most importantly – open to all-comers. It’s supposed to listen and discuss. Yet feminism appears not to hold these liberal values as sacrosanct. If anything, many modern feminists have become everything it abhors about the conservatism against which it stands.

  • If you disagre with a woman and prepare to tell her so, you’re “mansplaining”
  • Challenging any bad behaviour by any woman makes you a “misogynist”
  • Criticising feminism no matter how mildly makes you a “misogynist”

We need only look as far as the riot at University of Toronto that began when a single quote by Warren Farrell was taken out of context. Those people didn’t care about the context of that quote – they just saw what they want to see and BAM! They were not interested in discussing anything – they just wanted to disrupt people using their free speech.

This was a discussion about male suicide and they stopped people going inside. Is this what we have descended to on the left? “I don’t care, I just want to silence them”? I hope not. This is not what we are supposed to be about. These people – these self-professed feminists are betraying everything their predecessors fought for to bring them a voice and the vote. Silencing everybody else now only makes you as bad as those you claim are repressing you.

The Curious Case of Laci Green

I have never been a fan of Laci Green. She only ever seemed to have enough sex positivity for women while shaming male sexuality. But I guess I have come to expect double-standards when it comes to sexuality. Yet now Laci seems to have moved to a centre ground in which she is prepared to call out these very illiberal left wingers. Her relationship with right wing YouTuber Chris Ray Gun has probably influenced that. I’ve never heard of him but I have read and listened to MRA/MGTOW media insomuch as I want to learn what they think and then make up my own mind. Unlike many of these polarised and polarising figures, I am not interested in filling my head with information from an echo chamber and shunning everything else.

Anyway, Laci Green unleashed a shit-storm when she released a Red Pill video. Feminist internet sites such as Everyday Sexism completely expunged her content from their site. Activists who once championed Laci Green now found every reason to despise her – “it’s because she’s got some dick now” they said. “Her YouTube channel is failing and she knows it, that’s why she’s appealing to a new crowd.” Here is her Red Pill video.

As I said above, I have never been her greatest fan but this is one of the most frank, honest and open video of hers I have ever seen. I commend her; I have nothing but praise for the honestly within. By engaging with her political and social opposites, she is doing exactly what somebody on the political left is supposed to do – listen and discuss. She has (and hopefully will continue) to criticise the thought police of the left and the right. No matter how offensive you find something, it doesn’t make it untrue. If somebody can support what they say and challenge your deeply held beliefs, then they deserve your attention. If they are saying something you don’t like that you cannot refute, perhaps it is your own beliefs that need revisiting.

Call It Out Wherever You See It

Call it out but don’t be a hypocrite.

Call it out but don’t descend to insults and abuse.

Call it out and stick to the facts.

If we seek only echo chambers, we’re going to get nowhere in this very volatile world. It’s time for us on the left to take back the narrative and to challenge those who would use shaming tactics to silence opponents. We win by the superiority of argument, not by aggression. We win by showing that we are right not by labelling and name-calling. We win by demonstrating why we are right, not by witch hunts. Feminism is just as guilty as any other group for all of that. It has been very good at creating a bulletproof shield around itself in which it uses to deflect any criticism as “misogyny” and “mansplaining”. Doing so is no different from terms like “unbeliever”, “kafir” or “heretic”.



I go by the name of Frank Speaking. My blog "In the Mind of Men" (former name Chin Up, Chest High) started out as a chronicle of my mental health recovery. Now it is a forum where I discuss issues related to male mental health.

4 thoughts on “When Feminism Betrays Leftist Principles, it Should Be Called Out

  1. I’ve made a new friend over a year ago that I’ve largely stopped talking to now that she’s found feminism. It all came to a head when she recently accused me of being a misogynist dick. What did I do? I linked to a NY Times article that contradicted what she posted on FB. Not only did she react like she’d read something completely different than what I read, but she thought I actually took time out of my day to search for this article with the specific goal of contradicting her and shit-stirring and “furthering the oppression of women.” WTF. This is why I avoid self-proclaimed feminists. So many of them are so sensitive if you say the wrong word of phrase or make the wrong joke and are easily triggered. Others see sexist boogeymen everywhere. Sheesh. I’m all for equal rights, but getting there shouldn’t feel like navigating a minefield.

    I almost want to do a post about this.

    1. Yeah, these people do nobody any favours. You can be favour of equality and be against feminism. Most women don’t realise that until they see how awful some feminists can be.

      1. I’m not against feminism per se. But when there are women in America and around the world facing real issues and oppression, and you’re getting hung up on microaggressions, then it becomes a farce.

        1. Absolutely, this white western feminists with their first world problems don’t seem to care about women in the developing world.

          Personally, I’m not against what feminism is supposed to be / was originally about. By that definition I probably am a feminist even though I would use that term to describe myself. I’m against the parody of itself that it appears to have become in the 21st century.

          As you said the ideas of “microaggressions”. Weaponising terms such as “mansplaining” and “check your privilege” as a way of silencing people makes feminism look farcical. These terms are used to silence legitimate criticism of feminism. It’s also not helpful for the real problems that men face – problems that some feminists angrily deny or don’t see as a problem.

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