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The Last Jedi Challenged Gender Stereotypes. Why Are MRAs STILL Complaining?

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Retreating to the internet, the MRA rebellion are holed up in their
Reddit and AVfM threads, unaware of the shit storm they are
about to unleash. Unknown to the world, this plucky band
of snowflakes are about to release an MRA cut of this latest Disney
offering and finally bring absurdity to the galaxy… Continue reading “The Last Jedi Challenged Gender Stereotypes. Why Are MRAs STILL Complaining?”

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The Real Problem with “Men Should Open Up More”

A host of well-meaning women came forward in 2017 to say that men should open up more and feel comfortable in doing so. There is nothing wrong with this. Indeed, they are right. The most recent was Michelle Obama. Once again, I have no problem with this. To a certain degree it is noble to realise that men have difficulties too and come out and stand up for men. It’s about time more women did.

Continue reading “The Real Problem with “Men Should Open Up More””

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Male Equivalents of the Bechdel Test?

The Bechdel Test is a kind of metric for determining how “feminist” a piece of fiction is. To pass this arbitrary test, the film, book, TV show, video game must have two women who interact. They must have names and talk about something other than a man (a father, a son, a husband/boyfriend) etc. I don’t want to scrutinise this so much as I want to draw some parallels about men’s role in fiction. Continue reading “Male Equivalents of the Bechdel Test?”

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Former Feminist Sees Her Own Bias… Has a Woke Moment

So yes, who would have thought that taking off your perception filter and paying attention to what people were saying to you could actually change your mind about what you thought was the case? This is the producer of The Red Pill Movie (I’ve not yet seen it) but during the research process, she ended up changing her mind on a lot of things. She’s no longer a feminist but also does not consider herself MRA. Continue reading “Former Feminist Sees Her Own Bias… Has a Woke Moment”

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International Men’s Day: An Analogy

IMD is a week away now (already?!) and once again, as every year, casual misandry raises its ugly head above the parapet. Despite the positive work by male-centred charities in the UK to explain why we need International Men’s Day, we’re still getting “isn’t that every day?!?!?!?! loooooooooool” comments left, right and centre and attempts to detract from the fact that there are unique difficulties of being a man. So let me, by way of analogy, demonstrate how people who dismiss it sound to the rest of us. Continue reading “International Men’s Day: An Analogy”

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Why Are We Still Surprised at #MeToo Male Victims?

The wave of accusations of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein has led to (perhaps an unsurprising) internet trend, largely of women, discussing how they too have been victims of sexual abuse, everything from catcalling right up to rape. While the merits or otherwise of the hashtag trend has generated debate in terms of its usefulness, there is one element that seems to surprise everyone. Continue reading “Why Are We Still Surprised at #MeToo Male Victims?”

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Getting Through Autumn and Winter with SAD

Most people feel sluggish and tired and a little grumpy in the autumn and winter. For some people, it’s a hell of a lot worse than feeling a little blue and glum. I love the autumn for the colours and the vibrancy but I am aware that my mood and disposition tends to change. I have never received a diagnosis of Seasonal Adjustment Disorder, but I live my life as though I do have the condition. Some autumn-winter periods are worse than others. Continue reading “Getting Through Autumn and Winter with SAD”