Blog Highlights

Sorted by category, general topics I talk about on the site. I am not a mental health professional and none of the following offers professional level advice, but I hope my personal journey can give you some small comfort that you are not alone and do not need to suffer in silence.


When anxiety strikes
Christmas for those with Social Anxieties

Body Image

Eating disorders
Body Dysmorphic Disorder affects men too

Dating and Relationships

Do you have standards or are you just inflexible?
Dateless? Look inward before you assume everyone is shallow
“Real Men Prefer”… – women being judgemental about men’s preferences
The weight-height Double Standard


If I get cheated on again, I won’t fight
Reclaiming places after a breakup


What depression feels like
The science of depression
Pseudoscience and depression
Five issues core to men’s mental health
Trivialising Mental Illness

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence double standard
The reality for male victims of domestic violence

On Being a Man

Mental health services are failing men
Why the concept of “real man” is bullshit
Society’s expectations of men
How society sees men as a disposable commodity
Creep!!!!!! How we sex shame men’s sexual desires
Man the Success Object
Stumbling blocks to being a man
Why there is a need for a men’s movement
Men are objectified for what we do, not who we are

On Women

Divorce changes you
Dating and Mental Health: Will it Always Hurt?
How dating built my confidence for dating
Let’s be friends – the harrowing experience
Inadequacy: Out of my league (part 1)
Inadequacy: Out of my league (part 2)
Why does society dictate that women who cheat are not to blame for their actions?
The Unhelpful bullshit “women only cheat for good reason”
Sexless marriages: Entitlement or Relationship Expectation?
Signs that she’s cheating on you
“Is this how women think the world is for men?” analysed. Why women’s attitudes toward men’s lived experiences must change
“Let’s be friends first” – what do you really mean?


Importance of touch
Therapy gives you perspective
Experiencing those highs
And the lows
The overwhelming feeling of loss
What not to say to a man who doesn’t want children
Single mums hijacking Father’s Day

Self Esteem

Early negative experiences
How low self-esteem is maintained: Discounting the little successes
Perspectives on self-esteem
Realising you have a problem
“Maybe it’s me?” Dating and low self-esteem
How people misunderstand low self-esteem
Misunderstanding self-esteem revisited
Identifying your qualities
The deadly trap
What’s wrong with me? part 1
What’s wrong with me? part 2
I can’t compete with that why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others


Let’s not bring gender politics into sexless marriages – commentary on the “Spreadsheetgate”
Spreadsheet-gate revisited
Sexual dysfunction and mental health in men
Sexual incompatibility
Sexual compatibility
Slut-shaming. Yes, it happens to us too and usually by those who abhor it most when done to women
Communication breakdown
Condoms and bedroom anxieties
Getting creative in the bedroom when you’re in a long distance relationship
Sexual anxiety vs “Entitlement” it’s not as clear cut as you think
Men are shallow but will sleep with anything. Wait, what?!
Things to media don’t tell you about sex (man’s perspective and experiences)
Being told “I Miss Fcking You”


Suicide rates between the genders
Suicide is still a taboo subject
Returning to the place where I nearly ended it all
On Robin Williams suicide and why we’re still asking the wrong questions about mental health
World Suicide Prevention Day 2014 – My story
Word Suicide Prevention Day 2015
A tribute to Gary Speed three years on
Nick Clegg wants a zero suicide rate but nobody in government wants to talk about it as a gender issue


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