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5 Reasons Why I’ll Never Get Married Again

Long-term readers will know that my marriage broke down because my ex-wife cheated. After just two years of marriage (and a decade of being together before that), she chose a person she had never met in person over somebody with whom she had spent 12 years. That process led to a lot of soul-searching for me which included the loss of the fear of being single. My attitude towards long-term commitment has also changed. I love my girlfriend and think the world of her, but I do not want to get married a second time. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why I’ll Never Get Married Again”

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“Pandoragate” Shows Men Still Objectified as Providers

You would think that a woman sharing the picture of her engagement ring on social media would be met with nothing less than delight. You would think that most people would be happy for her. You would not expect that woman to be the subject of a personal attack for her choice of ring. That is what happened to poor Ariel McRae. Continue reading ““Pandoragate” Shows Men Still Objectified as Providers”

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First Christmas…

Although this is not our first Christmas as a couple, it is our first as a live in couple. And it will be just us 🙂 The last two Christmases we have spent with my other half’s family. I have been adamant for months that I wanted to stay here in my new home this year and not travel as we have the last couple of years. The provision that family can come to see us if they wish is there, and we may see my brother at some point, but it looks as though Christmas Day will be just me and my other half. Continue reading “First Christmas…”

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Bumble Calls Out “Misogynist” – But There Are Always Two Sides

A well-publicised story a couple of weeks ago led to “feminist” dating site Bumble remove and block one of its male users. Then they went to social media to herald him as everything that is wrong with men  in modern dating sites and why they are the solution (I suspect that the following exchange may be entirely fictional to prove a point, but I will proceed as though the events actually took place). Continue reading “Bumble Calls Out “Misogynist” – But There Are Always Two Sides”

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Difficulty Adjusting to a New Place

It’s not been as easy as I thought it would be. I don’t know anybody here (yet) but am taking steps to amend that – I’ve signed up for a social group for the work from home. No friends or family (yet) have come to stay – but that will change in the next couple of weeks as we accept visitors over the coming few weekends. I have had a lot of work on recently and adjusting to my new life here is proving to have its obstacles. I sometimes feel cabin fever and occasionally feel a little too isolated. I struggle to make friends at times. Continue reading “Difficulty Adjusting to a New Place”

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No Longer in an LDR

In December 2013, many of you may recall that I met the person to whom I would refer as Mirror Image. Following a year of dating with some stop-starts, some “no ways” and some great dates, I met this person who lives nearly 250 miles away from the town of my birth. For the previous 8 months, I had been living back with family while I started on the next stage of my life – post-divorce and newly self-employed. Continue reading “No Longer in an LDR”

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A New Relationship After Divorce: The Adjustment Period

When we meet somebody new for the first time after a break up, everything feels wonderful. That flutter of the heart at getting a text or a phonecall, the thought of seeing them, hearing their name, the physical closeness, the kissing, the cuddling, the sex, the having a +1 for events – all of those things feel wonderful for very good reason. Yet there are some (admittedly minor) downsides of which you become hyperaware, things you might have taken for granted as a single. Continue reading “A New Relationship After Divorce: The Adjustment Period”