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Two Years With Mirror Image

Can you believe it has flown by already? Sometimes, I cannot. Two years ago this week, Mirror Image and I met for the first time. Later when we decided that we were a couple (the sheer amount of sex we were having at the time meant that we were clearly more than “booty calls” or “FWBs”) we decided to backtrack our anniversary to the day we met, even though many months passed before we were official. Continue reading “Two Years With Mirror Image”

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The Problem with the Ashley Madison Hack

I realise I am presenting an unpopular view here, so if you post to disagree, at least do me the courtesy of reading the post first, paying particular attention to my own experience stated at the start.

There’s been a lot of furious debate about this on the internet already. Betrayed partners feeling there is some justification to the act while others have queried the motivation of those electing themselves our moral guardians in hacking a site, blackmailing the owners to shut down and then releasing the data. Continue reading “The Problem with the Ashley Madison Hack”