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Why Isn’t Your Content Gender Neutral?

I’ve been asked this question several times in comments and through emails. I roll my eyes every time I see it, and for several reasons. Often, these comments point out that I will have a “broader audience if you did it that way.” I suspect that their concern is far less about my outreach than it is about being offended at criticisms of women’s negative attitudes and actions and how they affect men. Continue reading “Why Isn’t Your Content Gender Neutral?”

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Gender and The Walking Dead

The series has arguably undergone its biggest changes this season. The introduction of psychopathic villain Negan has given it a kickstart it needed. Love it or hate it, The Walking Dead is still around. Yet until now, it has not really dealt with gender roles beyond Rick coping as a single father. But this season is different. I feel there have been two critical issues this season important to men and masculinity. Continue reading “Gender and The Walking Dead”

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“Pandoragate” Shows Men Still Objectified as Providers

You would think that a woman sharing the picture of her engagement ring on social media would be met with nothing less than delight. You would think that most people would be happy for her. You would not expect that woman to be the subject of a personal attack for her choice of ring. That is what happened to poor Ariel McRae. Continue reading ““Pandoragate” Shows Men Still Objectified as Providers”

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My Hopes For International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day is here once again. I feel we’ve made great strides in 2016 and many people, women included, are really starting to get it. This year in the UK, the event brings together some large and amazing charities doing what they can to raise awareness of men’s issues. In direct response to the sneers and criticisms, The Men and Boys Coalition’s tagline for this year is Not Every Day is International Men’s Day. Continue reading “My Hopes For International Men’s Day”

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#TriggerWarning: Why We (The Political Left) Failed So Badly This Year

#TriggerWarning: I’m going to say things you might disagree with as a fellow leftie

#TriggerWarning: I might even swear.

This is not a #SafeSpace where your ego will be put on a pedestal. If you can’t stand criticism of your own politics from somebody who largely shares your politics, perhaps leave now. Continue reading “#TriggerWarning: Why We (The Political Left) Failed So Badly This Year”

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Message from a European Left Wing Anti-Feminist: “Man Guilt” Not Enough for Clinton Victory

Like any right thinking human, I find Donald Trump absolutely abhorrent. His insistence that sexual assault is just “locker room talk” doesn’t have a single shred of justification. We know what locker room talk is, it’s crass but we have all done it and do – women included. Sexual assault and rape is not it. Continue reading “Message from a European Left Wing Anti-Feminist: “Man Guilt” Not Enough for Clinton Victory”

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Why Is a Man’s Finances Considered Public Property?

It’s always been claimed that a woman’s body is perceived to be public property, especially if she is famous. Her body is scrutinised by magazines. I’m not disagreeing with this. In fact, I agree that we have an unhealthy obsession with celebrities. One thing I do disagree with is that this phenomena is peculiar to women. Male celebrities get it too. Male celebrities get stalked and sexually assaulted by fans who think they own them. Continue reading “Why Is a Man’s Finances Considered Public Property?”