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Why Are We Still Surprised at #MeToo Male Victims?

The wave of accusations of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein has led to (perhaps an unsurprising) internet trend, largely of women, discussing how they too have been victims of sexual abuse, everything from catcalling right up to rape. While the merits or otherwise of the hashtag trend has generated debate in terms of its usefulness, there is one element that seems to surprise everyone. Continue reading “Why Are We Still Surprised at #MeToo Male Victims?”

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Why We Need to Stop Talking About “Male Privilege”

No, I’m not a butthurt snowflake blind to my privilege. I am fully aware that my penis gives me privilege over women in many cases. I’m also aware that my white skin gives me privilege over people with darker skin. I realise that being straight gives me privilege over the LGBT community. That is not what this post is about. Continue reading “Why We Need to Stop Talking About “Male Privilege””

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Masculinity and “Womansplaining”

.Mansplaining is a thing, but it’s not as prevalent or as systemic as feminists believe or tell each other. It’s not the deliberate and insidious tool of oppression that it is presented as. It’s just being a dick while having an inferiority complex that there is somebody who knows better than you do. Sure, some men feel threatened by knowledgeable and more qualified women, but it’s not the norm. Continue reading “Masculinity and “Womansplaining””

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Handmaid’s Tale Shows us the Inconvenient Truth of Female Complicity

The media on both sides of the Atlantic have been falling over themselves to point to The Handmaid’s Tale as some kind of foreshadowing. Like 1984 and Brave New World before it, it’s held up as a warning of things to come if we don’t take a step back from the brink. I’m sure I’ll be accused of “mansplaining” or “not getting it”, but I cannot see this happening in The West anytime soon even under Trump who is more of an opportunist than anything else.

Continue reading “Handmaid’s Tale Shows us the Inconvenient Truth of Female Complicity”

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When Feminism Betrays Leftist Principles, it Should Be Called Out

I have felt for some time that feminism is, in many ways, the very antithesis of the leftist school of thought out of which it was supposed to have been born. By its very nature, the left is supposed to be progressive – open to new ways of thinking and doing things, and most importantly – open to all-comers. It’s supposed to listen and discuss. Yet feminism appears not to hold these liberal values as sacrosanct. If anything, many modern feminists have become everything it abhors about the conservatism against which it stands. Continue reading “When Feminism Betrays Leftist Principles, it Should Be Called Out”

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Bromance Blossoms When Shaming Ceases

My best friend recently told me he “loved me”. He kissed me on the cheek in front of his wife and called me “a beautiful person”. I did not feel threatened, nor did I feel the need to laugh it off with a “you’re drunk, aren’t you?” It was natural. It felt right. My girlfriend was also there so it was meant as a genuine show of affection. Continue reading “Bromance Blossoms When Shaming Ceases”