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The Real Problem with “Men Should Open Up More”

A host of well-meaning women came forward in 2017 to say that men should open up more and feel comfortable in doing so. There is nothing wrong with this. Indeed, they are right. The most recent was Michelle Obama. Once again, I have no problem with this. To a certain degree it is noble to realise that men have difficulties too and come out and stand up for men. It’s about time more women did.

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International Men’s Day: An Analogy

IMD is a week away now (already?!) and once again, as every year, casual misandry raises its ugly head above the parapet. Despite the positive work by male-centred charities in the UK to explain why we need International Men’s Day, we’re still getting “isn’t that every day?!?!?!?! loooooooooool” comments left, right and centre and attempts to detract from the fact that there are unique difficulties of being a man. So let me, by way of analogy, demonstrate how people who dismiss it sound to the rest of us. Continue reading “International Men’s Day: An Analogy”

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Getting Through Autumn and Winter with SAD

Most people feel sluggish and tired and a little grumpy in the autumn and winter. For some people, it’s a hell of a lot worse than feeling a little blue and glum. I love the autumn for the colours and the vibrancy but I am aware that my mood and disposition tends to change. I have never received a diagnosis of Seasonal Adjustment Disorder, but I live my life as though I do have the condition. Some autumn-winter periods are worse than others. Continue reading “Getting Through Autumn and Winter with SAD”

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Some Reasons Why Men Might Commit Suicide

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. As I look back on 2012, the year I seriously contemplated taking my own life, I started to contemplate what the world has achieved to raise awarness and reduce deaths through suicide. Of course, today is not about male suicide, but we can’t ignore the gendered aspect of this phenomena considering in the UK and the USA, over 3/4 of annual suicides are men. Continue reading “Some Reasons Why Men Might Commit Suicide”

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Men, Depression and Anger: Be Scared *For* Not *Of* Us

I started putting this post together just a few weeks ago but a recent post about male suicide on insideMAN about men, anxiety, depression and suicide has spurred me on to finish it off.

In the last couple of posts, I’ve discussed my increased anxiety and mood swings. The economic and political situation here in the UK has not helped but I don’t think that is a cause. It’s certainly not helped that this government is determined to flog the country to the highest bidder and destroy the NHS, but it hasn’t triggered the mood. I get anxious and depressed and express my anxiety by swearing in frustration and raising my voice. I do not and have never been violent except in my tone. Continue reading “Men, Depression and Anger: Be Scared *For* Not *Of* Us”

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Symptoms of Depression in Men

Despite life being generally pretty good in the last year, I’ve had my low moments. I’ve had several bad days in the last month alone. The situation in our country is not helping. For those who don’t know, Theresa May’s (so far) complete fuck up of Brexit, self-serving authoritarianism and my worries about the future the country is taking – into isolationism, xenophobia and attempting to have pissing contests with other EU members are not helping my mood, this situation has not caused it. Continue reading “Symptoms of Depression in Men”

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Signs She Wants You Co-Dependent

While I am certainly not brooding, the more I look back on my marriage the more I realise how toxic it was. One of the main issues for my ex-wife is her unhealthy co-dependency issues. Although it largely focused on an overbearing mother, there were signs for many years that she wanted me in an unhealthy co-dependent relationship with her. Here are the signs that your wife or girlfriend wants you to be co-dependent. Continue reading “Signs She Wants You Co-Dependent”