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Men, Depression and Anger: Be Scared *For* Not of Us

I started putting this post together just a few weeks ago but a recent post about male suicide on insideMAN about men, anxiety, depression and suicide has spurred me on to finish it off.

In the last couple of posts, I’ve discussed my increased anxiety and mood swings. The economic and political situation here in the UK has not helped but I don’t think that is a cause. It’s certainly not helped that this government is determined to flog the country to the highest bidder and destroy the NHS, but it hasn’t triggered the mood. I get anxious and depressed and express my anxiety by swearing in frustration and raising my voice. I do not and have never been violent except in my tone. Continue reading “Men, Depression and Anger: Be Scared *For* Not of Us”

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Symptoms of Depression in Men

Despite life being generally pretty good in the last year, I’ve had my low moments. I’ve had several bad days in the last month alone. The situation in our country is not helping. For those who don’t know, Theresa May’s (so far) complete fuck up of Brexit, self-serving authoritarianism and my worries about the future the country is taking – into isolationism, xenophobia and attempting to have pissing contests with other EU members are not helping my mood, this situation has not caused it. Continue reading “Symptoms of Depression in Men”

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Signs She Wants You Co-Dependent

While I am certainly not brooding, the more I look back on my marriage the more I realise how toxic it was. One of the main issues for my ex-wife is her unhealthy co-dependency issues. Although it largely focused on an overbearing mother, there were signs for many years that she wanted me in an unhealthy co-dependent relationship with her. Here are the signs that your wife or girlfriend wants you to be co-dependent. Continue reading “Signs She Wants You Co-Dependent”

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What Would It Take For You to See a Man as Vulnerable?

This wonderful and hard-hitting new advert from Childline – the UK charity for children going through difficulties, is once again tackling teenage suicide. This advert will resonate with any adult man or teenage boy struggling with mental illness and the daily anxieties, anger, frustration and emotional rollercoaster. Please watch it. Continue reading “What Would It Take For You to See a Man as Vulnerable?”

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Dos and Don’ts for Living with a Depressed Man

My mood has been up and down over the last week and I have no explanation. I am feeling more fulfilled in life and happier than I ever have. It might be the winter blues, but I don’t think I have ever noticed a marked reduction in my mood during the colder months than the spring and summer. In fact, it last happened 18 months ago on a warm summer’s day. Continue reading “Dos and Don’ts for Living with a Depressed Man”

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A Message To Men At Christmas Going Through Divorce

For many people, 2016 has been a disaster. We lost dozens of well-loved celebrities. The vote to the leave the EU and Donald Trump’s election have both created anxiety and deep concerns about the future. New Year can be a time of joy or it can be a time of heartbreak. For men going through horrifying difficulties such as divorce or severe mental illness, a New Year can either bring relief or dread. Continue reading “A Message To Men At Christmas Going Through Divorce”

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What Is Depression?

A great explanation here from A Canvas of the Minds

Not just depression, but anxiety, insecurity, and self doubt. Needing to be there for the one you love when they need your support, but being unable to be of any help because of your own miserable mental incapacities, and loathing yourself for it, leading to deeper depression and even less ability to be there for […]

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