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Dos and Don’ts for Living with a Depressed Man

My mood has been up and down over the last week and I have no explanation. I am feeling more fulfilled in life and happier than I ever have. It might be the winter blues, but I don’t think I have ever noticed a marked reduction in my mood during the colder months than the spring and summer. In fact, it last happened 18 months ago on a warm summer’s day. Continue reading “Dos and Don’ts for Living with a Depressed Man”

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A Message To Men At Christmas Going Through Divorce

For many people, 2016 has been a disaster. We lost dozens of well-loved celebrities. The vote to the leave the EU and Donald Trump’s election have both created anxiety and deep concerns about the future. New Year can be a time of joy or it can be a time of heartbreak. For men going through horrifying difficulties such as divorce or severe mental illness, a New Year can either bring relief or dread. Continue reading “A Message To Men At Christmas Going Through Divorce”

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What Is Depression?

A great explanation here from A Canvas of the Minds

Not just depression, but anxiety, insecurity, and self doubt. Needing to be there for the one you love when they need your support, but being unable to be of any help because of your own miserable mental incapacities, and loathing yourself for it, leading to deeper depression and even less ability to be there for […]

via What Depression Is — A Canvas Of The Minds

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Brexit and Mental Illness – A Ticking Time Bomb?

I make every effort to avoid writing about my political views here unless relevant. Despite clearly having a negative perception of feminism in its modern form, politically I am on the left – the traditional feminist or the feminist ally. In some cases, I cannot avoid discussing politics though. Brexit is one of them. On the 23rd of June, the United Kingdom voted to leave the largest single trading block in the world. Continue reading “Brexit and Mental Illness – A Ticking Time Bomb?”

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Difficulty Adjusting to a New Place

It’s not been as easy as I thought it would be. I don’t know anybody here (yet) but am taking steps to amend that – I’ve signed up for a social group for the work from home. No friends or family (yet) have come to stay – but that will change in the next couple of weeks as we accept visitors over the coming few weekends. I have had a lot of work on recently and adjusting to my new life here is proving to have its obstacles. I sometimes feel cabin fever and occasionally feel a little too isolated. I struggle to make friends at times. Continue reading “Difficulty Adjusting to a New Place”

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Manly Mindfulness Exercise For Manly Men

Forgive the daft headline, but as somebody who practices simple mindfulness exercises for stress and anxiety, I’m always trying to come up with ways that work for me. Not all types of mindfulness exercise works for everyone; personally, I find that breathing exercises and visualisations work best, and also visiting calming places. But food is a great one to use. It’s something I feel we really take for granted – the sensations that we get from food. Continue reading “Manly Mindfulness Exercise For Manly Men”

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Time To Talk Day 2016 – Trying To Talk More

I last wrote about this two years ago but didn’t give an update last year as I didn’t really feel I had much to write about then. Today is Time To Talk Day, a UK-wide campaign to encourage people to talk about mental health – our own experiences living with it, or living with those who do, and the unique struggles to challenge the stigma surrounding mental illnesses. Continue reading “Time To Talk Day 2016 – Trying To Talk More”