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5 Reasons Men Use Pornography That Are Not About Women

Pornography receives a lot of (mostly justified, but not always) criticism from all angles. It is said to objectify women; some former porn stars have come out and confessed horror stories about the industry. Psychologists criticise that it creates unhealthy expectations in relationships amongst young men (though why we don’t ascribe the same criticisms to romance literature that creates equal but different damaging relationship expectations in young women is anybody’s guess). Continue reading “5 Reasons Men Use Pornography That Are Not About Women”

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#TriggerWarning: Why We (The Political Left) Failed So Badly This Year

#TriggerWarning: I’m going to say things you might disagree with as a fellow leftie

#TriggerWarning: I might even swear.

This is not a #SafeSpace where your ego will be put on a pedestal. If you can’t stand criticism of your own politics from somebody who largely shares your politics, perhaps leave now. Continue reading “#TriggerWarning: Why We (The Political Left) Failed So Badly This Year”

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She Might Not Hit You…

This is a kind of a male version of the “He Might Not Hit You” articles and memes doing the rounds this year. I’m not one to dwell on the past, but occasionally my previous relationship still comes up in conversations. My partner said something to me the other week that had me taken aback. “It sounds to me as if your ex-wife was abusive, from a certain point of view.” Continue reading “She Might Not Hit You…”

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Sapiosexuality is a Preference – Not an “Orientation”

I haven’t written about this subject in a while so I thought I would put something together to attempt to explain it a little more. I’ve always been sexually attracted to a certain type of woman – intelligent, thoughtful and nerdy. To a sapiosexual, intelligence is vital and a lack of intelligence can make you feel indifferent towards somebody’s attractiveness while everyone else around you is drooling. Continue reading “Sapiosexuality is a Preference – Not an “Orientation””

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Farewell to the 30s: Another Decade Beckons

So here I am, starting my 40th birthday in the face. Many people go into despair at this point as though their lives are over to all intents and purposes. I’m not. I can’t fight it and I’d rather be 40 than dead. I’d rather be 40 and self-employed having been through everything I’ve been through than 30 and wondering where the hell my life might be going, as so many people seem to do these days.  Continue reading “Farewell to the 30s: Another Decade Beckons”

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When “Creep Shaming” Turns Tragic: Christopher Jefferies

If it isn’t bad enough that there exists a state in the west of “trial by media”, that is, where newspapers, radio and TV news get to decide somebody’s guilt based purely on supposition, willingness to believe they are guilty of something because of their character quirks, and invented stories just for an attention grabbing headline. Continue reading “When “Creep Shaming” Turns Tragic: Christopher Jefferies”