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5 Reasons Why I’ll Never Get Married Again

Long-term readers will know that my marriage broke down because my ex-wife cheated. After just two years of marriage (and a decade of being together before that), she chose a person she had never met in person over somebody with whom she had spent 12 years. That process led to a lot of soul-searching for me which included the loss of the fear of being single. My attitude towards long-term commitment has also changed. I love my girlfriend and think the world of her, but I do not want to get married a second time. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why I’ll Never Get Married Again”

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So You’re Getting Divorced? Five Steps To Self Discovery for the Child-Free Man

She’s told you she’s leaving you. She might have left you for another man or she’s simply not in love with you any more. Once you are through the worst of the hearbreak, denial and pleading and finally accepted that its over, and though it might not feel like it while you’re going through it, you have a new lease of life. Continue reading “So You’re Getting Divorced? Five Steps To Self Discovery for the Child-Free Man”

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Five Years On: The First Signs of Marital Breakdown

A startling revelation struck me this week. It is now February 2016 and five years ago this month saw the beginning of the breakdown of my marriage. Just a month before, we had booked a holiday for September. At the time we didn’t know it, but it would be the last holiday we’d take together. Anyway, that fateful month began the first signs that our marriage was on the decline because she was having an affair. Continue reading “Five Years On: The First Signs of Marital Breakdown”

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It’s Not Love, Actually

I was going to write this over Christmas but due to a busy run up to the big day, didn’t actually have the time. It’s suitable now as 2016 is following on from the themes of the fifth anniversary of the breakdown of my marriage. It’s also homage and in remembrance of Alan Rickman who died recently. This is about his character in the film Love Actually. Continue reading “It’s Not Love, Actually”

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Two Years With Mirror Image

Can you believe it has flown by already? Sometimes, I cannot. Two years ago this week, Mirror Image and I met for the first time. Later when we decided that we were a couple (the sheer amount of sex we were having at the time meant that we were clearly more than “booty calls” or “FWBs”) we decided to backtrack our anniversary to the day we met, even though many months passed before we were official. Continue reading “Two Years With Mirror Image”

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Meeting the Ex’s New Squeeze: A Moment of No Awkwardness

Though my ex-wife and I had discussed in the past whether we would introduce our current squeezes to each other, I suddenly had it thrust upon me at the weekend. I went along to a seasonal festival at the weekend along with a couple of friends – my best mate, his brother and their two partners. The night before, I received a text message from my ex-wife. Continue reading “Meeting the Ex’s New Squeeze: A Moment of No Awkwardness”