Mental Health Resources

I am not a Mental Health professional. Therefore anything I post here is anecdotal, reflections of my personal feelings, views and lived experiences. If you have a mental illness then I recommend in the strongest possible terms that you seek professional help. These resources are a good start.

There is a lot of stigma attached to mental health and for men in particular this can be especially harrowing. We are expected in most walks of life never to talk about our feelings. We are expected to “man up” and “take it on the chin”.

Mental health is nothing to be ashamed of and you are not a “pussy” for not talking about depression or personal inadequacy. I myself went through periods of depression as a child – for no known reason – and my father persistently told me to “pull myself together” and “stop being such a girl” when he should have taken me to a Doctor. I didn’t know any better so began to see myself as a lesser person. I developed critically low self-esteem believing myself unworthy of friendship, of a girlfriend at an age I should have been chasing anything in a skirt… unworthy of anything. This is a list of resources related to mental health issues specifically for men.

Depression Resources have a free to download book of MH facts

Men’s Health Forum helps men with all sorts of health issues including mental health resource site and magazine. Their articles feature real people dealing with every day mental health issues

Information on Time to Change’s “Time to Talk Day”

Samaritan’s Suicide Statistics Report 2014

A leaflet from Mind about men’s health problems – aimed largely at professionals and those caring for men with mental health issues

Men’s Health Forum in association with Mind have this list of resources. There are many links to pages typically dealing with men’s health issues including sexual problems and mental health

Mindfulness / CBT Exercises

Relaxation techniques from the NHS website

Living Life to the Full audio lectures and exercises for depression, stress and anxiety

Free Mindfulness Resources downloadable audio files for your mp3 player or tablet


Other Men’s Issues

Domestic Violence

Perspectives and statistics on male victims of domestic violence


Please use the comments section to suggest more


2 thoughts on “Mental Health Resources

  1. I love this blog! I do work in this area and it is incredibly inspiring for me to see someone raising awareness by sharing their own experiences. Thank you x

    1. Very welcome. You have a great blog too, looking forward to reading more!


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