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Why We Need to Stop Talking About “Male Privilege”

No, I’m not a butthurt snowflake blind to my privilege. I am fully aware that my penis gives me privilege over women in many cases. I’m also aware that my white skin gives me privilege over people with darker skin. I realise that being straight gives me privilege over the LGBT community. That is not what this post is about. Continue reading “Why We Need to Stop Talking About “Male Privilege””

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Some Reasons Why Men Might Commit Suicide

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. As I look back on 2012, the year I seriously contemplated taking my own life, I started to contemplate what the world has achieved to raise awarness and reduce deaths through suicide. Of course, today is not about male suicide, but we can’t ignore the gendered aspect of this phenomena considering in the UK and the USA, over 3/4 of annual suicides are men. Continue reading “Some Reasons Why Men Might Commit Suicide”

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Codependency is Unhealthy. Why Do So Many Dating Bloggers Encourage It?

A few weeks ago, I unsubscribed from another dating blog giving bad advice. This was another instance where the female blogger seems to think that encouraging bad behaviour in its female readership is to “keep him in line” or make him more “romantic”. One of the most concerning bits of advice is how casually these bloggers encourage codependence. Continue reading “Codependency is Unhealthy. Why Do So Many Dating Bloggers Encourage It?”

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Masculinity and “Womansplaining”

.Mansplaining is a thing, but it’s not as prevalent or as systemic as feminists believe or tell each other. It’s not the deliberate and insidious tool of oppression that it is presented as. It’s just being a dick while having an inferiority complex that there is somebody who knows better than you do. Sure, some men feel threatened by knowledgeable and more qualified women, but it’s not the norm. Continue reading “Masculinity and “Womansplaining””

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Handmaid’s Tale Shows us the Inconvenient Truth of Female Complicity

The media on both sides of the Atlantic have been falling over themselves to point to The Handmaid’s Tale as some kind of foreshadowing. Like 1984 and Brave New World before it, it’s held up as a warning of things to come if we don’t take a step back from the brink. I’m sure I’ll be accused of “mansplaining” or “not getting it”, but I cannot see this happening in The West anytime soon even under Trump who is more of an opportunist than anything else.

Continue reading “Handmaid’s Tale Shows us the Inconvenient Truth of Female Complicity”

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Rejection of Traditional Relationships: A Misandrist Double Standard

A recent report from Japan has shown that relationship conventions are changing. People are marrying older than they ever were, fewer people are marrying and the birth rate is dropping. Once again it’s being held up as some sort of crisis. This has been the growing trend for many years in the west. Analysis of the Japanese “problem” focuses on the same sorts of things that commentators come up with when looking at Europe and North America. Continue reading “Rejection of Traditional Relationships: A Misandrist Double Standard”