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First Christmas…

Although this is not our first Christmas as a couple, it is our first as a live in couple. And it will be just us 🙂 The last two Christmases we have spent with my other half’s family. I have been adamant for months that I wanted to stay here in my new home this year and not travel as we have the last couple of years. The provision that family can come to see us if they wish is there, and we may see my brother at some point, but it looks as though Christmas Day will be just me and my other half. Continue reading “First Christmas…”

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My Christmas in a New Relationship

There was a time – maybe three years ago – that I felt I would and could never enjoy another Christmas while I was single and indeed, that Christmas would never be the same again now I had lost “our” Christmas that I had with my ex-wife. This year, all that changed. Continue reading “My Christmas in a New Relationship”

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Through Highs and Lows: What Christmas Means To Me Today

I wrote what – looking back – was a rather poignant story about Easters past for me and I said that Christmas has always been the bigger occasion yet it holds just as much symbolism which is especially pertinent to the last few years. Please indulge me my momentary mushiness and philosophy based on the drunkenness of seasonal cheer. Continue reading “Through Highs and Lows: What Christmas Means To Me Today”

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A Year Since We Met

What a year it’s been. I really mean it, business has grown, early in the year Mirror Image and I scheduled our second our second date and slowly came to realise our feelings for each other (even though my feelings came first and my confession of being in love with her came first). We scheduled to meet up at least once a month, met each other’s parents in the spring and then finally decided we were a couple. Continue reading “A Year Since We Met”

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Post Christmas Bulge

December 2012: I barely went running this month. Once or twice a week, usually at weekends and no more than three miles. There was a lot of junk food at work as everybody brought some in. Despite on Monday that ubergeek told me that I looked slimmer than my profile pics, I have a bit of a belly at the moment and undoubtedly I gained weight over Christmas, as do 99.9999999999999% of us.

In this post where i first set myself weight loss targets, I said that I would be happy if I was under 14st 7lb come Christmas. My last pre-Christmas weigh in was 13st 7lb.
Continue reading “Post Christmas Bulge”

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Contemplating Christmas

I often wish I hadn’t deleted my previous blog 30-Something and Breaking Up, or at least had archived all of the posts into this blog. From time to time I think “how was I feeling this time last year?”, or simply to remind myself how far I have come. And there is no better comparison for this than how I felt last year and how different things are this year.

Last year, though I enjoyed seeing friends and family, but I just wanted it over and done with. It was the end of a very tough year and it was my first Christmas as a single man in a long time. I didn’t know what to do with myself. All of the things the wife and I used to do were out of the window, right down to our Christmas Eve traditions – simple as they were. Continue reading “Contemplating Christmas”