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First Christmas…

Although this is not our first Christmas as a couple, it is our first as a live in couple. And it will be just us 🙂 The last two Christmases we have spent with my other half’s family. I have been adamant for months that I wanted to stay here in my new home this year and not travel as we have the last couple of years. The provision that family can come to see us if they wish is there, and we may see my brother at some point, but it looks as though Christmas Day will be just me and my other half. Continue reading “First Christmas…”

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The Types of Valentine’s Meal Eaters

Last night, Mirror Image and I went out for our first Valentine’s Night meal. You may (or not) recall last year that we were not a couple then – we had been on one date in early December and it would be about a week after Valentine’s Day that we would meet again and share our First Kiss and umm, end up in bed the night after that. Continue reading “The Types of Valentine’s Meal Eaters”

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First Holiday Together

So I am back from my first holiday away with Mirror Image. This was a big step for both of us. For her, it was a first ever holiday with a boyfriend; for me it was my first holiday with a woman other than my ex-wife. The last time I went away with a woman, it was a swansong – a kind of goodbye. But this, this was a hello – the first test of a new relationship. Continue reading “First Holiday Together”