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A New Relationship After Divorce: The Adjustment Period

When we meet somebody new for the first time after a break up, everything feels wonderful. That flutter of the heart at getting a text or a phonecall, the thought of seeing them, hearing their name, the physical closeness, the kissing, the cuddling, the sex, the having a +1 for events – all of those things feel wonderful for very good reason. Yet there are some (admittedly minor) downsides of which you become hyperaware, things you might have taken for granted as a single. Continue reading “A New Relationship After Divorce: The Adjustment Period”

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And There She Was, That Face From The Past

I got a new phone about a month ago, a much-needed and deserved upgrade and dare I say the clunky and outdated thing I had before must have been on its way out. Now I have a spangly new mobile phone on which to pester you with my blog. Continue reading “And There She Was, That Face From The Past”

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Two Years With Mirror Image

Can you believe it has flown by already? Sometimes, I cannot. Two years ago this week, Mirror Image and I met for the first time. Later when we decided that we were a couple (the sheer amount of sex we were having at the time meant that we were clearly more than “booty calls” or “FWBs”) we decided to backtrack our anniversary to the day we met, even though many months passed before we were official. Continue reading “Two Years With Mirror Image”

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Meeting the Ex’s New Squeeze: A Moment of No Awkwardness

Though my ex-wife and I had discussed in the past whether we would introduce our current squeezes to each other, I suddenly had it thrust upon me at the weekend. I went along to a seasonal festival at the weekend along with a couple of friends – my best mate, his brother and their two partners. The night before, I received a text message from my ex-wife. Continue reading “Meeting the Ex’s New Squeeze: A Moment of No Awkwardness”

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Is Your Wife / Girlfriend a “Blameless Cheat”?

I was married to a blameless cheat, though of course I never found out the extent of her victimhood in the affair until she decided to was forced to cheat on me. It was all my fault, she wasn’t responsible. She was an innocent passer-by who was compelled to cheat on her husband out of desperation. Continue reading “Is Your Wife / Girlfriend a “Blameless Cheat”?”